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Namaste Everyone.  


I began teaching under the expert guidance of Salvatore Zambito over 15 years ago, and with this gift of guidance and support, along with the Himalayan Yoga Tradition in the Bharati Lineage, have trained all types of people form all walks of life, including injured and aging populations, athletes, martial artists, corporate professionals and college students all over the world, using multiple modalities of teaching including the highest quality online classes, robust and life changing live classes and travel based retreats that truly allow new paradigms and perspectives to grow quickly from intention to manifestation.


Over the past 15 years of full time teaching and over 30,000 hours of experience in the specific instruction of yoga in the ancient tradition, I have recognized patterns between body positioning and electromagnetic field enhancement that have expanded my understanding even of the deepest truths inside of the oldest yoga traditions vast lineage that spans overs 3000 years.  


Always a philosopher at heart, and since 2006, charged with the proper focus on the core elements of yoga, to gain ever more understanding of the self from a physiological, psychological and sociological perspective. I feel there has been an earth shattering breakthrough in our understanding of both yoga and physiology and via are vastly improved technology, these advancements can be used to (if even if they are not meant to) guide us to not only understand but also to live what we truly are in this radical and important time.  


Join me in this journey back to ourselves, back through the oldest path to truth, through a post modern experiential knowledge of what we are.  Learn and remember once and for all time the simple secrets of the divine source within that always guides us wisely throughout our many lives, if we only listen.

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Exhale More...Inhale Less...

This video has been deleted.
Introduction to Greg Bowles Yoga
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