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Greg Bowles YOGA

Master the simple to attain the great...and the great Yoga brings about liberation of every kind.

My name is Greg Bowles and I love freedom as I love life. I measure life by the freedom felt in the bliss and joy of purposeful living. It is from this head and heart space that I present to you Greg Bowles Yoga, as modern portal to an ancient wisdom of liberation via Yoga. With a deep connection to the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, the most ancient meditation lineage on earth and a nurturing and living Master of the yoga sutras Salvatore Zambito, the author of the Unadorned Thread of Yoga, a timeless guide to this ancient and most honored tradition. We have devised in practice, subtle adaptations of yoga for applications in our modern world, that is now so full of obstacles. What I offer any subscriber is a way forward into freedom of breath, body, and mind. It is now quite difficult for most to determine the easiest, safest and most relevant path to realization via yoga, even if one has a practice. The meaning, intensity or concentration may be lost to you or fading away.


I invite anyone to join me in a simple process that leads to a lifelong journey of self-realization and greater levels of bliss and joy. There is no greater power than the freedom inherent in a yoga practice that is consistent with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the core source of yogic knowledge. This is a freedom journey and make no mistake the journey will take effort. The ceremony is in every moment and with that immediacy of the moment, Atha, an infinity of rewards follow.


This is the ancient path to wisdom from Shree Patanjali, the holistic 8 fold path of the arduous Yamas and Niyamas (personal and social ethics) through the great halls and arenas of Asana (postures) and revitalizing Pranayama (breath energy) to Pratyahara (sense withdrawal) and onward toward the highest goal of Yoga, namely the Dharana, Dhyana (focus and concentration) and Samadhi (unfettered consciousness) associated with and understood as meditation. By this Samyama (or the highest three folds method) clear the senses and focus mind. Within these practices you will find the controls of body, breath, and mind, to include the nervous system and subtle body awareness. Beyond these practices to absolute freedom, union, or control, whatever is required on your path is available to you with the most modern applicable version of the ancient principles, in place for centuries but now applied to these times that are so seemingly built to surprise and thwart our conscious awareness by dispersing and dividing our attention.


Begin this journey now and realize how far you have already travelled to come to this most modern and ancient wisdom, in this extremely delicate time in our evolution and history.

Sincerely In Service,


Gregory Bowles

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