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Hari Aum, Namaste and Namashabdah,

This means loosely, 'Hail to the source of all consciousness and power.  The light and vibration within me salutes with reverence the light and vibration within you!'

Welcome to Gamma yoga

Welcome to, the ultimate platform for learning the living practices of yoga in the ancient tradition.  Our platform and website intends to reach out to anyone students, regardless of where or when the burning curiosity for internal knowledge arises. and at any time, day or night.  This growing resource is a constantly growing resource that invites everyone to explore the incredible benefits of Yoga, the most scientific of all physical, philosophical and psychological endeavors aimed at finding the truth of our own nature.

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We offer multiple modalities of teaching, with the highest quality of live classes and recorded classes that are accessible to members anytime, anywhere.  These classes are designed to be both educational and engaging, suitable for all levels with continuously upgraded content daily.  



At, we know that yoga in the ancient tradition is available still, today and tomorrow, for everyone.  We are committed to making this supreme legacy of humanity accessible, affordable, and fully experiential to as many new or sincere practitioners as possible in this obvious time of need.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner of yoga, or anywhere in between, we have what you need to go further in your practice and your life of peace and power. 

Exhale More...Inhale Less...

Introduction to Greg Bowles Yoga
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